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Luke Dowd: Best Wishes, Warm Regards, Many Thanks!

Luke Dowd, Best Wishes, Warm Regards, Many Thanks!

5 May – 9 June 2018

I’ll say this – Art is conversational. My art speaks to me and I talk back. Art speaks to my work. My art talks back. I don’t want to use words like imbue, fecundity, tradition, radical or rich.

My work is a daily practice of thinking of how to express myself. I get seduced by my medium – the tool; and then I try to change. Morph, fecund and imbue.
I’m presenting a series of 12 (?) digitally developed prints on the south wall. I might show them in grid formation. I think of them as paintings, even though they are on paper.

And I will also show a book- a magazine really. It is a collection of drawings, scanned and framed within a book format. 

This is for sale. £5. Cheap!

Luke Dowd b. New York City, lives in London.  He graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2002.  Solo exhibitions include My Shoes, My Stove, My Life (2015) at Zhulong, Dallas, The Announcement (2013), Tim Sheward Projects, London,  America Hurts me Too (2011), Rod Barton, London,  Happy Happy Sad Sad (2009) Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago, Sensibility is not Enough (2008), Galerie Jacky Strenz, Frankfurt,  the mad determination of language to carry on (2007), HOTEL, 2007.