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Laura Yuile: Obsolescent Vibes and Me

Laura Yuile, Obsolescent Vibes and Me

7 July – 11 August 2018

Should you trust your gut when buying a house?
Smart Home, Dumb Home, Ignorant Home
Your dumb home is about to become smart
Should I put my property into a trust?
Trust property
From Dumb Appliances to Smartness
A Few Tips on Making your Dumb Appliances Smart
From Dumb to Smart
Learning to Trust an Addict
Six reasons why your adult child should not be on the title of your home
Smart speakers, dumb lightbulbs.
Smart solutions for dumb buildings!
Smart robot falls dumb.
Your Smart City is Stupid.
“Team Human”
Smart city, stupid outcomes?

Laura Yuile (b. Glasgow) lives and works in London. She creates installations of object and video based works that explore the domestic and urban landscape through matters of personal care, wellness, and the effects of globalization upon living space and everyday life. Laura has exhibited and screened internationally at venues including Apexart (New York); Blackwood Gallery (Toronto); Tate Britain (London); Mauve (Vienna); t-space (Milan); Arebyte (London) and Collective (Edinburgh) She has an MFA from Goldsmiths University (2017), a BFA from The Glasgow School of Art (2008), and in 2015 was an Associate Artist with Open School East. Upcoming exhibitions include a commission for Deptford X Festival in London.